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Due to our close contact to SEW for more than 25 years, we have the best overview of the SEW product portfolio and can always convince with competence and low prices.

Gear units, motors and inverter technology

With the help of the SEW modular system, gear units, motors and gearmotors can be configured in all conceivable sizes and combinations. In addition, these drives are also available in ATEX, aseptic or stainless steel housing.

Combined with the appropriate frequency inverter, drive technology from SEW can provide a solution for every application, the requirements are optimally met.

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Geared motors

  • Helical geared motors: From 0.09 kW to 200 kW or from 50 Nm to 19000 Nm. Flat geared motors: from 0.12 kW to 200 kW or from 130 Nm to 18000 Nm.
  • Worm Geared Motors: From 0.09 kW to 30 kW or from 92 to 4200 Nm.
  • Spiroplan geared motors: From 0.09 kW to 4 kW or from 25 to 180 Nm.
  • Bevel geared motors: From 0.12 kW to 315 kW or from 200 Nm to 50000 Nm.

Three-phase AC motors

  • Efficiency classes up to IE4
  • Power range from 0.09 kW to 225 kW
  • Options: Brakes, encoders, plug connectors, forced cooling fans, special coatings and paints

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Frequency converter

  • Switch cabinet installation
    • Single inverter MOVITRAC® LTE-B
    • Standard inverter MOVITRAC® LTP-B
    • Standard inverter MOVITRAC® B
    • Application inverter MOVIDRIVE® B
    • Servo multi-axis inverterMOVIAXIS®
    • Regenerative power supply inverter MOVIDRIVE® MDR
  • Wall mounting
    • MOVI4R-U® single inverter in IP 54
    • MOVITRAC® LTE-B single drive IP 66
    • Standard MOVITRAC® LTP-B inverter in IP 55 or IP66
  • Decentral motor starter
    • Single motor starter MOVIFIT® compact
    • MOVI-SWITCH® motor starter
    • Motor starter MOVIFIT®-SC
  • Decentral/near to the engine:
    • Single inverter MOVIFIT® compact
    • Standard inverter MOVIMOT®
    • MOVIFIT® MC Classic distributor: for MOVIMOT®
    • MOVIFIT® MC controller – Technology: for MOVIMOT®
    • Standard inverter MOVIFIT®-FC – Classic
    • Standard MOVIPRO®-SDC inverter
    • Application inverter MOVIFIT®-FC – Technology
    • MOVIPRO®-ADC application inverter

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Asynchronous servomotors (DRL… series)

Servo drives from SEW

If your application depends on precision and dynamics, then you should use servo drive technology.
SEW offers various components for this purpose.

Servo motors
Asynchronous servo motors DRL…
Synchronous servo motors CMP series… (High Dynamic)
Synchronous servomotors CM.. (High Inertia)
Explosion-proof motors CMP…

Torsion-proof servo gear units
PH.F / PS.C servo planetary gear units
BS.F servo helical-bevel gear units

Servo gearmotors
Servo planetary gear motors PH.F..CMP / PS.C..CMP…
Helical-bevel servo geared motors K..CMP…
Helical-bevel servo geared motors BS.F..CMP…
Helical-worm servo geared motors S..CMP…
Helical-helical servo geared motors R..CMP..
SPIROPLAN® right-angle servo gearmotors W..CMP..
flat-angle servo gearmotors F..CMP..
precision servo gearmotors ZN..

Frequency inverter

Synchronous servo motors (CMP.. / CM.. series)

Servo linear motors SL2 & electric cylinder CMS..