IEC standard motors - three-phase AC motors of the current efficiency classes IE3 and IE4

Due to our long-standing contact with all relevant standard engine manufacturers we are able to convince with low prices. We take over the project planning of your required standard motor (power, speed, etc.) and the corresponding clutch as well as the appropriate gearbox (required torque, speed). Get a non-binding offer now!
We also design and distribute special motors and geared motors.

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We are sales partner for AC-Motoren

We are sales partners for AC-Motoren, so we can offer you standard motors timely at a market-oriented price.

Possible applications

Standard motors are used in many industries and applications, e. g. as drives for pumps, fans, air conditioning, conveyor technology, shredders, mixers, compressors, hydraulics and many more.


We offer a wide range of conversions/extensions such as forced cooling fans, brakes, encoders, etc.

Number of poles

2-pole to 8-pole

and all pole-changing versions

Efficiency classes (efficiency)

IE1 – IE4


Asynchronous & Synchronous

AC motors

Standard Motors Manufacturer


All sizes up to 160 kW and shaft height 315. ⇒ AC-Motoren


All sizes and power ranges up to 710 kW and shaft height 400


All sizes and power ranges up to 1000 kW and shaft height 450


All sizes up to 500 kW and shaft height 355


All sizes from axle height 100 to axle height 560 without and with brake (SEW), also for direct gearbox mounting (SEW)

Normmotoren von AC

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