Buying servomotors - project planning, calculations incl.

With us you can buy servo motors (e.g. SEW) and, if necessary, suitable inverters at a reasonable price. In addition to the servomotors, we offer the project planning of your entire servo drive (required torque, power, speed, etc.) and servo motor repair.

Thanks to our long-standing contact with SEW and other large servo motor manufacturers, we are able to convince with low prices.

Naturally, we also design and distribute drives such as geared motors, standard motors and special motors.

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About servomotors

While the servant “Servus” used to be an “auxiliary motor”, it is nowadays used for dynamic and precise applications. These enable very granular control of speed and acceleration by electrical communication between the angle encoders/resolvers of the servomotors and the servo frequency inverters, enabling even the exact position of the drive shaft to be controlled. In order to achieve this precise rotation, servo motors are manufactured from high-quality materials. Servo technology is therefore characterised by a special control technology, because in terms of mechanical engineering they are either asynchronous motors, synchronous motors or less frequently used DC motors. Servo motors therefore hardly differ from other electric motors in this respect, although the workmanship and materials used are of a very high quality. Depending on the application, one of the technical solutions is chosen.

Asynchronous vs. synchronous motors

As is well known in drive technology for simpler applications, asynchronous motors are also cheaper in servo technology than synchronous motors. However, it would be a mistake to decide against a synchronous servo motor. Compared to synchronous motors, asynchronous motors are slower and do not accelerate as fast as synchronous motors with the same power, torque and speed, but they are more robust. In addition, synchronous motors are also recommended for applications requiring a low drive weight.

But what happens if an application relies on a large number of motors? The initial purchase price as well as permanent stockkeeping to maintain productivity can exceed the budget for a large number of engines. When deciding for or against one of the variants, experience is important in addition to technical understanding. We can offer you this, fast processing and reliability.

Asynchronous & synchronous servomotors from SEW

As we are accustomed to at SEW, the manufacturer we favor also provides a motor construction kit in the field of servo technology. So that we can recommend your optimum servo motor from three synchronous and one asynchronous series.


Asynchronous servomotors (DRL series motors)

Cheaper to purchase
Less precise
But robust
Moving high external mass inertia

Synchrone Servomotoren (Motoren-Baureihe CMP.. / CM..)

Synchronous servomotors (motor series CMP... / CM..)

Optimal control characteristics
Torque strength
The tilting moment is 320 Nm

Servo gears

SEW servo motors can be combined with all SEW gear units. Typically, however, servo motors are only combined with special servo drives such as coaxial gears, planetary gears or bevel gears in the angular gear range. Specially designed for high accelerations and torques, these gears have a very high torsional stiffness.

Characteristics of servo gears:

  • High positioning accuracy
  • Short cycle times
  • Highest dynamics
  • Exact speeds
  • High processing speeds

Servo gearboxes from SEW

Servo bevel geared motors (series BS. F)

  • Durable & flexible
  • The gearbox is designed for torques from 40 Nm to 1500 Nm
  • Can be combined with synchronous servo motors of the CMP series with rated motor torques from 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm
  • 6 gear unit sizes can be combined with 31 power classes in 7 motor sizes

Planetary servo geared motors (series PS. F / PS. C)

  • High precision and power density
  • Main difference of the series
    • PS. F is precise
    • PS. C is economical
  • The servo planetary gearboxes are designed for
    • Nominal torques from 25 Nm to 3000 Nm (series PS. F) and
    • Nominal torques from 30 Nm to 320 Nm (series PS. C).
  • Single-stage or two-stage.
  • Can be combined with servo motors
    • Synchronous CMP series with rated motor torques from 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm
    • Asynchronous DLR series with rated motor torques from 2.5 Nm to 325 Nm
  • Gearbox sizes
    • PS. F: 9 (one and two-stage)? 9 torque classes
    • PS. C: 4 (one and two-stage)? 4 torque classes

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Servo geared motors variants

Apart from the fact that servo gear units and servo motors can be differently dimensioned/equipped, there are other important features depending on the use of the servo motor. We are happy to advise you!

  • Room location / type of construction
    Please note: Depending on the position of the servomotor (installed / in three-dimensional space) and depending on the position of the servomotor in the room, it must be ensured with a sufficient fill level with oil that all teeth, rolling bearings etc. are immersed in oil by turns and completely lubricated.
  • The spatial position determines the design: foot, flange or both.
  • Cooling
    While servo gears are very heat-resistant, sufficient cooling must be ensured for servo motors.
    Normally, a geared motor cools itself. In exceptional cases, an external fan must be installed.
  • Position cable entry / plug position
    It goes without saying that you want good cable accessibility. The position of the cable entry at the motor should be well planned and is also dependent on the position of the cable entry.
  • With & without brake
  • With explosion-proof three-phase motors (ATEX) for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), or from 20.04.2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)).
  • Temperature sensors (mostly standard since servo motors are driven by inverters)
  • Aseptic geared motors
    In some applications such as:
    Food, luxury food and beverage industry
    Chemical / Pharmaceutical industry
    Dairy / Cheese dairy
    special hygiene regulations must be observed. Here, servomotor housings must be cleaned regularly and even treated with disinfectant. Therefore, they must be closed and the surface painted accordingly. In addition, Aseptic servomotors are larger in size because they do not require ventilation and the heat can only be dissipated via the larger surface area of the housing.
Raumlage von Servomotoren
Raumlage von Servomotoren

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