Repair of industrial gearboxes

We repair industrial gears of all manufacturers (e.g. from SEW, Siemens Flender etc.). We process your order quickly and without complications.

On site or in our workshop: You too can profit from our many years of experience.

Our service

Our activities:
  • Collection
  • Dismantling of the entire industrial gear unit
  • Detachment of the entire industrial gear unit
  • Comprehensive damage analysis, you will receive a damage report
  • Bearings and wear parts will be replaced.</If necessary, individual parts can be newly manufactured or procured.
  • Final assembly
  • Test run
  • New paint (according to your wishes)
We also offer you new industrial gear units!

Uncomplicated procedure

  • Step 1: Just call us on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00 (+49(0)211 17607186), write us an e-mail ( or use the contact form. Emergencies:
    • Hermann Giese (Mobile: 01714507943)
    • André Heuwing (Mobile: 017622986590)
  • Step 2: Send us the industrial gear unit or use our collection and delivery service. Within a few working days you will receive a binding offer for the repair of your industrial gear unit.

Repair of industrial gearboxes from …

  • Brevini
  • Kraus-Maffei
  • PIV
  • ASUG
  • Bauer
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Bonfigioli
  • Demag
  • Flender
  • Hansen
  • Jagenberg
  • Knödler
  • Moventas
  • Valmet
  • Momac
  • Santasalo
  • SEW
  • Siemens
  • SIG
  • Voith
  • Zollern
  • Stiebel

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Act fast!

A large number of industrial sectors depend on industrial gear units and their perfect functioning. Tight deadlines and high production targets are common in the industry, and a simple mechanical failure can have catastrophic consequences for a company. Sometimes a very small defective part can slow down the speed of an entire plant.

It is therefore essential to react quickly in the event of a gearbox failure. In such a situation, different strategies can be considered to solve the problem and resume production as soon as possible.

If the gearbox is not too damaged, the first option may be to repair it. However, this requires a good knowledge of fine machining. Our specialized workshop will probably have to start cleaning the problem area. If it is a damaged tooth, it must be removed and even dug a little deeper into the gear. Then metal can be cast to fill the cavity. Once the metal has hardened, it is possible to remove the excess metal and cut a new tooth with a bur.

However, this type of repair can be dangerous, especially if the industrial gear must be subjected to high forces. Gears can be made of complex alloys and specially formulated for precise use, which gives them high strength. Adding metal teeth of any kind automatically makes them more prone to breakage, which can even damage other components of a machine.

If possible we order the defective part directly from the manufacturer. If your industrial gearbox is not too old, it is quite possible that the company that designed it is still able to supply spare parts for it. The advantage of this approach is that you have ensured that you receive the same quality as before.

However, industrial machinery can have an impressive service life, especially if it is regularly maintained by qualified industrial mechanics. It is therefore not uncommon for spare parts for certain machines to be no longer in the manufacturer’s catalogue.

This third option includes consultation with our custom gear manufacturing experts to restore your damaged part. This option can be most beneficial for several reasons.

For example, if your part has been modified, this may be due to an incorrect adjustment. Finally, by analyzing the defective industrial gearbox, the expert can determine the cause of the excessive wear or breakage and then recommend some checks on your industrial gearbox.

It should also be mentioned that the part that is created from the defective part is identified and reproduced in accordance with recognised industry standards. This guarantees that you have a gearbox that is as strong and efficient as the original.

Moreover, this is often the fastest way. Most companies with industrial gears are sensitive to the fact that a single broken tooth can slow down an entire production line. Working with them can therefore reduce waiting and delivery times for parts.

If you have a gearbox problem and do not know how to react, do not hesitate to contact us for valuable advice. In this sense, the ATG Engineering Team can offer you a professional and personalized service so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

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