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Fields of application: e. g. Stage technology, gates & doors / automatic doors, cranes (turning, lifting, moving)

The INTORQ spring-applied brakes BFK458 are single-disc brakes with 2 friction surfaces. Compression springs generate the braking torque by friction. The brake is released electromagnetically. Without current, the brake is applied automatically.

When braking, the rotor is pressed against the friction plate by means of the compression springs. To release the brake, the coil in the magnet part is set to DC voltage. The resulting magnetic force pulls the rotor away from the friction plate against the force of the compression springs in the direction of the magnetic part.

In INTORQ’s basic module E, it is possible to reduce brake torque by using adjustment ringadjustments.

Important: The friction surfaces must be kept free of oil and grease!

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9 sizes:BFK458.06BFK458.08BFK458.10BFK458.12BFK458.14BFK458.16BFK458.18BFK458.20BFK458.25
Standard bore hole in mm11/14/1515/2015/20/2524/2525/3025/3013535/4040/45
Braking torque (in Nm)*

at relative speed

n = 100 min-1

4 or


8 or


16 or


32 or


60 or


80 or


150 or


240 or


360 or



Solenoid part E

20, 24,
20, 24,
20, 24,
20, 24,
190, 205
Brake / completePrice on request

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(Magnetic part + rotor + hub)
Magnetic part complete
Hub / standard bore
Hub with special bore
Dust protection ring
Manual ventilation
A flange
screw set
Niro friction plate
Special voltageOn request
bridge rectifier


On request
Disposable rectifier


On request

* Braking torque for types N or E (without or with adjusting ring).

Preferred voltages are printed in bold type.

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Details of the INTORQ spring-applied brake

  • Standard voltages: 24 V, 96 V, 103 V, 103 V, 170 V, 180 V, 180 V, 190 V,
    205 V
  • Torque spectrum in steps of 1.5 – 600 Nm
  • Though there is a high variance, short delivery times
  • Protection class corresponds to IP54, depending on the special operating conditions
  • Certification mark: CE, CSA and UL
  • ATEX: Use in potentially explosive atmospheres of Zone II in stationary operation (holding or parking brake), explosion group II and temperature class T4.
  • Flexible
    • Modular design, can therefore be used in almost all areas.
    • Exchangeable to brake rows 14.448 and 14.450
  • Torque transmission
    • Friction-locked in dry-running
  • Ready for operation immediately
    • Easy/quick installation due to preset ventilation path,
    • Due to special machining of the friction surfaces, the characteristic moments are achieved after just a few switching operations without running-in.
    • Fixed bearing on brake side not required
  • Long-lasting
    • High durability of the winding of the stomach part due to insulation construction according to thermal class F (155 °C)
    • Design for 100 % duty cycle (brake energized/non-ventilated).
  • Maintenance arm
    • long, low-wear rotor/hub guide with proven involute gearing
    • low-wear, friction linings (asbest free)
    • control of the ventilation path depending on the friction work carried out requires
  • Reliable
    • Intorq is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which guarantees a constant high quality of the products.
    • Manufacturing and testing according to VDE 0580


  • Manual ventilation for manual ventilation (all sizes)
    Ventilation and mounting direction on both sides (exception: tachometer brake)
  • Friction linings (Please ask us!)
    • Standard variants: ST (standard/universal), WR (wear resistant/high durability)
    • Project solutions: HFC (high friction coefficient/higher braking torques), HT (high temperature/high temperature resistant friction lining)
  • Noise attenuated versions due to
    The switching noise of the brake can be minimized by means of O-rings, which are located between the magnetic housing and the armature disc as a stop damper.
  • Noise attenuated aluminium rotor
    clatter noises, which can occur e. g. during load changes in the rotor-hub-connection, are reduced by using a rotor with plastic sleeve.
  • Different types of corrosion protection and encapsulation
  • Ventilation path or wear monitoring by microswitch (from size 12)
  • Monitoring of the manual release function
  • Voltages and bores deviating from the standard on request

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Since 1993 we have been supporting our ever-growing customer base . We would be pleased to support you, too.
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