SEW MDX61B0110-5A3-4-0T

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Catalogue nameMDX61B0110-5A3-4-0T
Serial number01.1345068013.0001.10
Item number08279810
Device versionTechnology version
Integrated mains filterCategory C2
Nominal mains voltage [V]3×380-500 +/- 10%
Rated mains current [A]21.60
Rated mains frequency [Hz]50-60 +/- 5%
Rated output power [kW]11.00
Rated output power [HP]15.00
Output voltage [V]3 x 0-U/network
Rated output current [A]24.00
Output frequency [Hz]600.00
Motor load linear [kW]11
Motor load square [kW]15
Ambient temperature min [°C]0
Ambient temperature max [°C]+50
Protection class IP20
Documentation Language / NumberGerman / 1
Documentation No. A11320702
Safety advice09215891
Statistical commodity code85044088


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