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Catalog designationSA37 DRS71S4/MM05/LN
Serial number01.7487914201.0001.17
Input speed [r/min]2900 – 290
Output speed [r/min]83 – 8.3
Total ratio [I]35,10 / finite
No. of teeth nom./denominator351/10
Ma max [Nm]66
Output torque [Nm]52
Service factor SEW-FB1,25
Mounting positionM1A
Term.box.pos.[°] / cable entry180 (L)/ normal
Lubricant / -volume [l]CLP 680 Miner.Oil / 0,25
Paint coatTop coat RAL7031 (blue grey)
Hollow shaft20mm
DesignHollow shaft
Documentation no. A21932778
Parts list282531596
Output oil seal materialFKM
Motor power [kW]0.55 / 0.055
Motor frequency [Hz]100
Cyclic duration factor S1-S10S1
Setting range (CT)1:10
Motor frequency  min. [Hz]13
Motor voltage [V]380-500
Line frequency [Hz]50-60
MM rated main current [A]1,60
MM rated OP current [A]2,00
cos phi0,99
Thermal cl.[°C]/Enclosure[IP]155(F) / 55
System efficiencyIES 2
Fan guardLN = Fan guard for low noise motor
NotePart of the MOVIMOT standard design
in delta connection
MOVIMOT typeMM05D-503-00
DIP-switch setting00000000 00000000
MI/DIM part numberMemory card MM-D DIM DRS/400/50
Part no. 18214371
MOVIMOT braking resistorBW1
Documentation no. A21214182
Parts list081141305 / 800782507 / 800670507
Nameplate position270°
Opera.instr. A lang./quantityGerman
Commodity code85015100

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