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Catalogue descriptionR37 R17 DR63S4/TF
Statein stock, unused
Serial number01.1928656001.0001.14
Speed 50Hz[r/min]1380 / 3.7
Speed 60Hz[r/min]1680 / 4.4
Total translation[I]378 / infinity
Ma max[Nm]200
Output torque 50Hz[Nm]265
Output torque 60Hz[Nm]220
Operating factor SEW-FB0.75 / 0.90
ReferenceIn case of non-engineering operation, the motor is able to overload the gear unit.
Mounting position IMM1
Position clamp joint. [°]/Cable insertion0 (R) / Normal
Lubricant / lubricant quantity[l]CLP 220 miner. oil / 0.95 / 0.25
Paintworkcoating RAL7031 (blue-grey)
Output shaft end25x50mm lg.
Documentation No. A20200536
Spare parts list012630997
Spare parts list012510799
Engine power[kW]0.12
Switch-on time S1-S10S1
Voltage range 50 Hz[V]220-240 Triangle / 380-415 Star
Rated current[A]0.68 / 0.39
Voltage range 60 Hz[V]240-266 Triangle / 415-460 Star
Rated current[A]0.62 / 0.36
cos phi0.69
Circuit diagramDT13 / 087980576
Heat class / protection[IP]F / 55
CE signYes
Add. motor protectionTF Temperature sensor
Documentation No. A11291605
Spare parts list085450400
Type plateGerman
1st set of TS / layer270°
Operating system A Language/numberGerman
Statistical commodity code85015100

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