Helical-worm geared motors

Worm geared motors - geared motor with worm gear

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Schematische Darstellung eines Schneckengetriebes

Schematic diagram of a worm gear unit

In the angular gears of helical-worm geared motors, shafts with helical gears (also called worm gears) are used. A worm drives a gear wheel with helical teeth, the worm wheel. So waves are shifted by 90° to each other. With a worm gear unit, both directions of rotation are possible. Due to the high self-locking effect, brakes can be dimensioned smaller. (Additional advantages & disadvantages of helical-worm geared motors)

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Helical bevel gears vs. worm gears | Advantages & disadvantages

There are one- to three-stage worm geared motors. The worm geared motors of the MOTOX series from Siemens, for example, are single-stage, while the worm gear units from SEW have two stages (with a spur gear stage connected upstream), which increases efficiency and makes the gear units smoother running.

Due to our long-standing contact with SEW (in case of special customer requirements but also with other large helical-worm geared motor manufacturers) we can additionally convince with low prices. Z.B.:

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Possible applications

  • Theatre drives
  • Actuators
  • Presses
  • Rotary indexing tables
  • Corner converter


  • High load capacity / robust
  • High reduction ratio
  • Self-locking? brakes can be made smaller.
  • Solid shaft or hollow sha


  • Low efficiency



Apart from the fact that gearboxes and motors can be differently dimensioned/equipped, there are other important properties depending on the use of the worm geared motor.

  • Spatial position
  • The spatial position determines the design: foot, flange or in some cases even both.
  • Cooling
  • With or without forced cooling fan
  • Position of the terminal box and the cable entry / plug position
  • With & without brake
  • With & without tachometer encoder (for operation of the geared motor via frequency inverter)
  • With explosion-proof AC motors (ATEX)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Solid and hollow shaft possible
  • Aseptic geared motors (keyword: hygiene)

Worm gear units Alternatives

  • Bevel geared motor (better efficiency / space-saving)
  • Spiroplan geared motor (special SEW geared motor)
  • Servo geared motors ⇒ servo helical-worm geared motors (smaller dimensions, lower weight and higher dynamics)


Use with frequency inverter

The speed of helical-worm geared motors can be controlled by a frequency inverter, just like other geared motor types. However, the helical-worm geared motor should be protected against overheating with a PTC thermistor, reduced current or other measures.

SEW, and in the meantime all other manufacturers, also offer frequency inverters for this purpose, which are located directly on the housing of the worm geared motor. We will be pleased to supply you with a frequency inverter that matches your worm geared motor. We would be pleased to advise you. More information: Frequency inverters

Increase efficiency, retrofit now!

Conversion to energy-saving geared motors usually pays for itself within 2 years at the latest.

Here we present the frequently requested helical-worm geared motors from SEW, North, Bonfiglioli, Bauer Gear Motor, ZAE AntriebsSysteme, Lenze, Bege and Siemens. We are also happy to help you with the conversion to worm geared motors from other manufacturers.

SEW helical-worm geared motors

SEW worm geared motor

Series S

The SEW helical-worm geared motors of the S.. DR… series offer outstanding efficiency levels compared to pure helical-worm geared motors from other manufacturers due to the combination of worm gear set and spur gear input stage. In combination with the three-phase asynchronous motors of efficiency classes IE3 and IE4, they achieve comparatively high energy efficiency. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

Available torque ratings: from 92 to 4200 Nm

 Gear unit designation from SEW:

  • from size S37 (92 Nm) to S97 (4000 Nm) (2-step)
  • Double gearbox with helical gear:
    Size S37R17 (93 Nm) up to S97R57 (4200 Nm)

 Max. Engine power: 30 kW

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We always recommend helical-worm gears and helical-worm geared motors from SEW. Due to our extensive product portfolio, we are also able to meet special customer requirements (other manufacturers). We can also offer helical-worm gears and helical-worm geared motors of the following manufacturers: (e. g. helical-worm geared motor MOTOX)

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