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Bevel gear units are angular gearboxes (angular output and input shafts) in which the power is transmitted via bevel gears. Bevel gear units consist of a ring gear/bevel gear with straight, helical or curved toothing (rarely) and the bevel pinion, the axes of which are usually at right angles to each other. The drive is normally provided by the bevel pinion, which can also be turned to the left or right.

Due to our long-standing contact with SEW (in case of special customer requirements but also with other large bevel gear manufacturers) we can additionally convince with low prices. Z.B.:

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Possible applications

  • Baggage conveyor
  • Unit load conveyor
  • Rope lifter Storage technology
  • Travel drives
  • Mixers


  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy
  • High power density
  • High efficiency
  • Space-saving installation due to angular gear unit
  • Output shaft: solid or hollow shaft (various variants possible, e. g. shrink disk, multiple splined shaft, etc…)

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Use with frequency inverter

We recommend controlling the speed of helical-bevel geared motors as well as other geared motors by means of a frequency inverter. However, the bevel geared motor should be protected against overheating with a PTC thermistor, reduced current or other measures when it is being lowered. Talk to us, perhaps a frequency inverter that is directly connected to the housing of the bevel geared motor is also an option for you? These are offered by SEW and many other geared motor manufacturers. We will find the right combination for you. We would be pleased to advise you.

More about frequency inverters: Frequency inverters


Apart from the fact that gearboxes and motors can have different dimensions and equipment, there are other important characteristics depending on the application of the bevel geared motor.

  • Spatial position
  • The spatial position determines the design: foot, flange or in some cases even both.
  • Cooling
  • With or without forced cooling fan
  • Position of the terminal box and the cable entry / plug position
  • With & without brake
  • With & without tachometer encoder (for operation of the geared motor via frequency inverter)
  • With explosion-proof AC motors (ATEX)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Solid shaft and hollow shaft possible
  • Aseptic geared motors (keyword: hygiene)

Bevel gear units Alternative

Increase efficiency, retrofit now!

Conversion to energy-saving geared motors usually pays for itself within 2 years at the latest.
Here we would like to introduce you to the frequently requested helical-bevel geared motors from SEW and Siemens SIMOGEAR. We are also happy to help you with the conversion to bevel geared motors from other manufacturers.

Bevel geared motors from SEW Eurodrive

SEW bevel geared motor

The K.. DR… DR… series of SEW helical-bevel geared motors offer outstanding product characteristics:

  • robust, low-maintenance
  • high-performing
  • compact
  • high efficiency, three-phase asynchronous motors with efficiency classes IE1 to IE4

Available torque ratings: from 50 to 50,000 Nm

Gear unit designation from SEW:

  • 2-stage: 4 sizes from K19 to K49, transmission torque 80 to 500 Nm, max. Engine performance: 2,2 kW
  • 3-stage: 16 sizes from K37 to K187, gear unit rated torque 500 to 50,000 Nm, max. torque range: 500 to 50,000 Nm. Engine power: 200 kW
  • Multi-stage (double gear unit/combined with spur gear units): 200 Nm to 50,000.000-50, max. speed: 200 Nm. Engine power: 55 kW

Max. Engine power: 200 kW

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Bevel Gear Motors Manufacturer

We generally recommend bevel gear units and bevel geared motors from SEW. Due to our extensive product portfolio, we are also able to meet special customer requirements (other manufacturers). We can therefore also offer you bevel gear units and bevel geared motors from the following manufacturers: e. g.: SIMOGEAR bevel gear units

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