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Catalogue designationMDX61B0030-5A3-4-00
StateStock, Used
Serial number01.1220744120.0001.07
Device versionStandard version
Encoder slotDEH11B, part number 08243107
Permissible encoders: Hiperface, sin/cos, TTL
Fieldbus slotDFP21B, part number 08242402
Protocol Profibus DP and DPV1
Expansion slotDIP11B, part number 08249695
Absolute encoder card (SSI interface)
8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs
Option statusOptions built-in
Braking resistorBW268, part number 08207151
Standard version
Power at 100% ED[kW] 1.20
Power at 12% ED[kW] 6.70
Resistance[Ohm] 68 +/-10%
Protection class IP20
Status braking resistorsupplied
Number of braking resistor1
Power chokeND020-013, part number 08260125
Inductance[mH] 0.1
Rated current[A] 20
Voltage[V] 3X380-500 +/-10%
Protection class IP00
Documentation language / numberEnglish / 1
Documentation No. A11320702
Safety information09215891
Statistical commodity code85044084

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