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Catalogue designationMDX61B0022-5A3-4-0T
StateStocked goods, second-hand
Serial number01.1717557110.0001.11
Article number08279764
Device executionTechnology execution
Integrated line filterC2 Category
Rated mains voltage[V]3×380-500 +/- 10%
Rated mains current[A]5.00
Rated mains frequency[Hz]50-60 +/- 5%
Rated output power[kW]2.20
Rated output power[HP]3.00
Output voltage[V]3 x 0-U/network
Rated output current[A]5.50
Output frequency[Hz]600.00
Motor load linear[kW]2.2
Motor load square[kW]3
Ambient temperature min[°C]0
Ambient temperature max[°C]+50
Protection class IP20
Encoder slotDEH11B, part number 08243107
Permissible encoders: Hiperface, sin/cos, TTL
Fieldbus slotDFP21B, part number 08242402
Protocol Profibus DP and DPV1
Option statusOptions built-in
Braking resistorBW100-005, part number 08262691
Flat type version
Power at 100% ED[kW] 0.45
Power at 12% ED[kW] 1.11
Resistance[Ohm] 100 +/-5%
Protection class IP54
Status braking resistorsupplied
Number of braking resistor1
Output chokeHD001, part number 08133255
max. power loss P[W] 15
for cable cross-section[mm²] 1.5… 16
Assembly heat sinkDKB11A, part number 08143455
For mounting brake resistors
in flat design under the inverters
Digital Documentation /NumberDigital documentation on DVD / 1
Type of print documentationPrint documentation compact
documentation language / numberEnglish / 1
Documentation No. A16920805
Statistical commodity code85044084

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